Live Your Vocation

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I’m glad you’ve tuned in for another #resrally2012 review!

In the midst of a weekend learning about the universal call to holiness and encouraging the young people of the Diocese to LIVE THEIR VOCATION, it was extremely beautiful to have the Camp Gray Chaplain, Fr. Tim Renz along for the weekend, who was recently ordained in June of 2011. While the young people were encourage to think about what God is calling them to in life and Not Yet shared what vocations they are not yet living out, Fr. Tim was present to LIVE his vocation out all weekend. He slid down the water slides with joy, heard Confessions for 4 hours and presided over Eucharistic Adoration and the Holy Mass. Having Fr. Tim around surely inspired everyone around to consider their vocations in a deeper way.

Speaking of the universal call to holiness, the Second Vatican Council broke open the teaching on this topic in Lumen Gentium, which the teens learned about during the weekend. It’s a solid read. Spend some time with it if you have never done so!

How beautiful is that photograph?

In other beautiful news, facebook and twitter were going crazy during the days post-Rally. Take a look at some of the best #socialmedia evaluations:

Facebook Highlights
Shannon C.: the whole weekend was awesome, but the Testimonies and adoration were my favorite. I’m so glad that I’m able to be apart of this wonderful community of people who are so strong in they’re faith and just support each other it is truly amazing.

Keith L.: My favorite part was entering the next week being so on fire with the Spirit thanks to all the amazing people and testimonials. This year especially is going to have a lasting effect on my spirit and how I define “being a man”.

Twitter Highlights
#thatamazingmomentwhen all my sins that i’ve racked up over the past 7 or more years have been forgiven and I feel like I can fly. #ptL (Katie Greenwood, Reedsburg)

So thankful for all the youth, youth ministers, and priests of the Diocese of Madison. What a perfect weekend! #ptL #resrally2012 #boom (Bill VanWagner, Seminarian & Keynote Speaker)

Wow! What a weekend. You’re still in for one more blog post that is going to recap the weekend. Don’t miss it.


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