#resrally2012 Recap, Number One

This past weekend, over 200 young people and some rockstar adults gathered at Chula Vista to enjoy a weekend at the waterpark, grow in holiness and learn about all of the things that the Lord CALLS the young people to.

Top moments of the weekend include:
– NOT YET rocking the house as keynote speakers.
– Incredible testimonies by Aly, Nick and Carley. What inspiring young people!
– A line for Confession over 100 young people long.
– Great conversation, good food, and super fast water slides.

Check out these photos from the weekend from General Sessions & Adoration…
 … and all of the fun the young people had together.

We’re still in the process of breaking down highlights from the Keynote Speakers, but Pope Benedict summed up the message pretty well on Sunday morning!

Look forward to two more updates in the next week, and perhaps the first guest blogger to appear on Madison Catholic Youth! Any guesses as to who it may be? (He loves the Lord, the youth of the Diocese and not all that long ago was one of them himself!)

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