I had the extreme pleasure of attending a beautiful wedding this past weekend of two good friends from Camp Gray. While celebrating and praying with the lovely couple (the Chaptmans!), I spent much time reflecting on how blessed I have been to found a family within the Camp Gray community. There is an abundance of many things within it – support, friendship, and love. Those you may expect from any close group of co-workers, but what I think is more incredible is that this group of 40 who gathered are all abundantly and passionately living the Catholic faith. And, there are an abundance of them who are currently serving the Lord by working for the Church (or in school with plans to do so after finishing). This gang is quite inspiring. Check out the stats.

Members of the Camp Gray Family: 40
Inspiring/Holy People: 40
Former Campers: 11
Catholic School Teachers: 6
Youth Ministers: 5
Madison Seminarians: 2
College Campus Ministers: 1
Current Camp Staff: 11
Children 3 and Under: 3

And those stats are just a few – there are people using their gifts and talents to serve the Lord in the medical field, one who is an administrative assistant for Rachel’s Vineyard, another going to be a missionary for FOCUS after graduation, a lovely young woman who is looking for help to pay off her debt before joining a religious order and many others living out the call to holiness in their everyday lives.

These people inspire me. If you haven’t checked out the life changing work Camp Gray is up to lately, I think it is time. You will probably be inspired. (They have a Facebook and a twitter, if that helps you out.)

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