Mark Hart on Parenting

At the National Catholic Youth Conference this past November, Mark Hart, commonly known as the “Bible Geek”, for his efforts to evangelize Catholic youth through Scripture, presented on a topic outside the realm of his “specialty”. As a devoted husband and caring father of young children, his qualifications to speak to a room of hundreds of parents on parenting did not stretch much further than what experience had provided him. Despite his lack of expertise, the silence of the crowd, fervent note taking and personal testimonies shared afterwards spoke volumes about how his authentic pursuit of holiness was all it took to inspire those charged with the formation of young people to live the same pursuit in their own lives.

When you have a bit of time, please grab a warm beverage, click on the following link, sit back and learn from an expert.


Our personal encounter with Christ bathes life in new light, sets us on the right path, and sends us out to be his witnesses. This new way of looking at the world and at people, which comes to us from him, leads us more deeply into the mystery of faith, which is not just a collection of theoretical assertions to be accepted and approved by the mind, but an experience to be had, a truth to be lived, the salt and light of all reality. – Bl. Pope John Paul II, Message to the Youth, 2002