The best 20 minutes of your weekend.

Hello friends,

It is autumn. Wow. It seems like just yesterday that we were immersed in our work on this local mission field, dancing around with glow sticks attached to dark clothing, hearing jokes about cookies being tossed into rivers and enjoying community life in a way that is hard to put into words. However, summer is not meant to last forever, as the Scriptures remind us again and again (see Sirach 51:30) that the Lord’s timing is providential, and by his grace, we are called to a wide variety of things in the different seasons of our lives.

Even though we are called to loving our families, working hard in our school work, cheering on our favorite football teams, and being watchful for opportunities for service this autumn, I hope you would not mind taking a break this weekend to watch a little summer in review video. Blaine did a great job putting this together for our Shareholder Dinner last month, and we are now very excited to share it with all of you.

It is about 20 minutes long, so I would suggest finding a warm beverage for you and a loved one, and settling in to laugh, reminisce and be inspired by all that happened this past summer.

Once again, thank you for checking in on the latest and greatest from Love Begins Here.


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