LBH Travels the World

Hello Love Begins Here family,
Yesterday afternoon, the majority of Core Team’s past happened to reunite on the streets of Madison after a daily Mass downtown. (Sadly, we were missing Michael & Jeff of LBH2009 and Jared & Molly of LBH2011, but seven for eleven on a random Monday isn’t bad.) While friends of Peter were gathering about for a pizza party at St. Paul’s to welcome the new freshmen to campus, he quite proudly exclaimed to his friends – new and old – this is my Love Begins Here family, when introductions were needed. I think the description is fitting, as that is what we aim to form on weeks at LBH – a close community where love can begin in the home. It was a pleasure to run into three former missionaries on the streets, as well. It makes me, and the Core Teams of summer’s past, quite happy to see these young Catholics at Mass and desiring to be a part of communities in the Church.
As the masses head back to school this autumn, I wanted to take a moment and share a few newsworthy items from the LBH world. First off, the blog of the Women’s Care Center in Madison featured Love Begins Here and the good work they did there at the end of July. Please check it out. As you do so, if you are in the Madison area, consider if you are able to help out with this year’s 40 Days for Life.

(LBH2011 teens work to clear the landscape at the newly forming Women’s Care Center.)
Ten Love Begins Here missionaries had the extreme blessing of being able to travel on an all-expenses paid trip to World Youth Day in Madrid from the 14th through the 23rd of August, where they were able to show their award winning short film at a film festival, as part of the official events of WYD! It was a blessed experience for sure, and we wanted to share a few Missionary of Charity related photos with all of you.
(Lindsay sported these LBH/Mother Teresa themed TOMS all week in Spain.)

(There was a number of exhibits about Bl. Teresa around Madrid that week, as this photo is advertising.)

(We spent a lot of time in Spain sharing with our new friends from all around the world about the mission of Love Begins Here. It was especially exciting when we ran into MCs and got to share about LBH with them.)

Not more than four days after returning from Spain, about a dozen members of the Love Begins Here family got together to host a Benefactor’s Dinner for those who bought stock in LBH this past summer. It was such a beautiful occasion to share stories from the summer, enjoy some murkey with our guests and look ahead to the bright future ahead of us. To all of the supporters who came and those who could not – thank you. In all seriousness, you inspire us to continue doing this work and make it possible for us to do it with joyful, unburdened hearts.

As this new season arrives, know that the LBH team continues to keep all of your in prayer. Please do the same for us.
With love,


LBH Mission Director

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