LBH2011 Schedule

Hello LBH Friends,

Praise the Lord! It’s a beautiful weekend here in the Madison Diocese and not only because we have found ourselves blanketed in a nice covering of fresh snow. This past Friday evening two men were ordained to the Priesthood of Jesus Christ for the Madison Diocese. Congratulations to Fr. John Putzer and Fr. Chad Droessler! The LBH Family is certainly going to continue praying for you and your priestly vocations.

On that joyful note, we’re also very delighted to announce the schedule for Love Begins Here 2011. Keep checking back here to see where these are going to be living… For now, we’re thrilled to announce that our final two weeks are going to be taking place at St. James in Madison, WI home to 2-Year CT Member Gina Pignotti, Joe Tiller (LBH Superfan), and many LBH2010 Alum. It’s going to be a great few weeks. 

High School 1: June 19 – 24
High School 2
: June 26 – 31

Middle School 1: July 5 – 8
High School 3
: July 10 – 15

St. James – Madison, WI
Middle School 2: July 19 – 22
High School 4
: July 24 – 29

If you haven’t taken time lately to join our facebook group, now’s the time. Feel free to check out! If you are already a fan, please help us in spreading the word about the good things happening on LBH by suggesting that your friends also “like” us.

We pray that your Advent is continuing on well; enjoy the start to this third week.


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