LBH2011 Schedule

Hello LBH Friends,

Praise the Lord! It’s a beautiful weekend here in the Madison Diocese and not only because we have found ourselves blanketed in a nice covering of fresh snow. This past Friday evening two men were ordained to the Priesthood of Jesus Christ for the Madison Diocese. Congratulations to Fr. John Putzer and Fr. Chad Droessler! The LBH Family is certainly going to continue praying for you and your priestly vocations.

On that joyful note, we’re also very delighted to announce the schedule for Love Begins Here 2011. Keep checking back here to see where these are going to be living… For now, we’re thrilled to announce that our final two weeks are going to be taking place at St. James in Madison, WI home to 2-Year CT Member Gina Pignotti, Joe Tiller (LBH Superfan), and many LBH2010 Alum. It’s going to be a great few weeks. 

High School 1: June 19 – 24
High School 2
: June 26 – 31

Middle School 1: July 5 – 8
High School 3
: July 10 – 15

St. James – Madison, WI
Middle School 2: July 19 – 22
High School 4
: July 24 – 29

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We pray that your Advent is continuing on well; enjoy the start to this third week.


LBH 2010 Evaluation Highlights

Happy Advent, LBH Blog Readers! We here at LBH hope and pray that this season is preparing your hearts to more fully receive our Infant Lord into your hearts in a few short weeks.

It’s been a busy fall for the Core Team, as we have returned to the routine of the school year – which for most of us means devoting our time to the youth of the Madison Diocese in the classroom, at youth group, or even on the wrestling mats. However, this does not mean that LBH is far from our minds or our hearts, as often recall the fond memories of this past summer and pray in thanksgiving for the Holy Spirit touching and changing so many hearts – including our own.

This afternoon, I (Lindsay) had a chance to take a look again at ALL of the evaluations from this past summer. Once again, I was blown away by the work accomplished and good things to be said about LBH. I thought I would throw a few highlights out there for you to look at…

  • I have learned that beginning love here is not only about loving others, but also about loving yourself. – Danielle, Waunakee
  • The Daily Mass was EPIC. – Jimmy, McFarland
  • Love Begins Here means this is where you find your Love. – Andy, Darlington
  • LBH means to me that any time I am questioning my faith, I know I can come here or think about this and be reassured. – Haley, Cross Plains
  • I expected to like parts of the week and not like parts, but I loved every second of it. – Luke, Cross Plains
  • Love Begins Here means a ton to me. It means that we have to be that example of love to others in this hard, cruel world. We, in Christ, must show others his love through our actions. This I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I will do little things for the dignity and value of others. – Khauten, Madison
  • I have opened my eyes to see how love can help give others hope in our generation. – Dominick, Beloit