Trees, rummage sales and ice cream stops, oh my!

What do you get when you mix Madison Seminarian David Johannes in with a handful of high school youth, some good tunes, him driving his red Volvo, and a final destination? Well, you some serious detours through the greater Madison area to find the best ice cream or custard possible. This was taken to new heights yesterday, as his car group made a 9am pit stop at the local Culvers for some tasty breakfast custard. Mmmm… at least that stop was well deserved for that car group because they were the first out the door on the way to morning Mass.

Anyways, we are jumping the gun just a bit. Let’s take a look at some highlights of the recent days.

Tuesday evening we spent a bit of our evening in Governor Dodge State Park playing, laying in the sun, competing and catching some air. Many beautiful sights were taken in.

On Wednesday, we took off for Middleton where a new project of garage cleaning and garage sale preparations laid before us. Upon arriving, a crew got to work moving a van and camper out of the driveway and the others took some senior portraits and cheesy family photos.

After such successful distractions, we got to work cleaning and sorting. Some of the items we found really took some time to get acquainted with.

Once Seminarian David got this tree working, we had some serious tunes to jam to. Lucky us.

As we were busy in Middleton, a group resumed work in Mount Horeb with some older members of the community. This great photo was snapped while working at our good friend Jerry’s house, who we’ve had the pleasure to spend lots of time with both this year and last on LBH.

The final group worked spent one last day in Dodgeville at the Kramers clearing out some very large trees in order to see more easily the beautiful cross on the far end of their property.

Those who worked out there definitely recalled being able to see the God face to face in their work.

After all of that great work, we made a stop by the O’Connor Center for a swim before heading home and enjoying the 2010 LBH hit meal of chicken stir fry. We are loving the fresh foods and meal preparation by the kids this year. During dinner, Fr. Bakke joined us taking the total of priests in our presence to two, as Fr. Randy from Darlington had already joined our group for our afternoon of work. Good thing they did, because after dinner, we were ready to receive some serious grace in the Sacrament of Confession. We are so grateful for there presence and love of LBH. After receiving the Sacrament, we played some ultimate spoons, ate peach pie, an shared about our days.

Before praying Night Prayer and turning into bed, we also got in a game of sardines. David revealed some interesting talents during the game, and we found out about one thing that CT member Aaron… he’s not a huge fan of creepy laughing voices.

Thursday brought the aforementioned trip to morning Mass and a lot more cleaning, organizing, and mulching. We certainly had a lot of fun beginning love in the Madison area, and some of our car groups even had a little bit of time to spare so they made a quick trip to the Madison zoo.

A lot of fun ensued and even though we were tired when we got back to St. Mary’s, a quick round of naps and a rosary got us through before the EPIC events of the night. Those events are too much to be included in this post, so stay tuned for the post to come, which will detail the awesomeness of our Thursday night and Friday morning.

Location:Trees, rummage sales and

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