Stir Fry Kind of Day

Phew, it’s crazy to believe that we’re already halfway done with our last full day of this first week of LBH! Let’s take a moment and check in to see what happened since we updated yesterday.

There was a bit of yawning yesterday as we awoke to a new day of serving the Lord and our neighbors. Fr. Rick, who is our host priest this week, has become a favorite of this crew. Understandably so, as he has given us a home, delivers awesome homilies and celebrates the sacraments for us. Yesterday was much the same, as his words and the Eucharist definitely nourished us for the day ahead.

After all of that goodness, we packed up for the exciting day ahead. Two carloads of servants headed out to the Schoensatts to finish up the last of our yardwork, painting, and hanging of changing tables. The rest of the cars headed to the Mount Horeb Senior Center for some new adventures meeting new friends, disassembling trampolines, cleaning up yards, and delivering meals.

At the end of the afternoon, we could pretty easily say that we saw the hardest work yet. Good thing we got in a quick swim, some friendly diving competitions, a couple games of 500, and a shower before returning for our evening rosary and dinner. Speaking of dinner, Abby and Aaron’s car put together a stir fry for the group, and it was phenomenal. Gina Pignotti, returning Core Team member from 2009, remarked, “I think this is the best meal LBH has ever seen.” Some debate continued.

Post-dinner, we had the fine pleasure of hearing Ned share with us about the awesome Sacrament of Confession before having the chance to experience it for ourselves. These LBHers were definitely feeling the sanctifying grace, as Fr. Rick and Fr. Fransisco (who made the trip from Lodi) spent some very quality time with us. Praise the Lord!

Add some funny stories, peach cobbler, and God moments into the day, and it was time for bed.

Today, we would ask that you would continue to pray for us as we finish out our week. Also, an update on Madi… Her spirits are still super high. Today she is receiving here first chemotherapy treatment, so prayers for that to go well would be great!! Her family and friends are loving all of the LBH pray support.

One thought on “Stir Fry Kind of Day

  1. Still missing all the togetherness, love, and hard work from last week. Thanks again for all the planning, sacrificing, and effort to the Core Team.Quick questions (because I know you don't have enough to do!) What's the name of the first song from the slide show? Just curious, cause I REALLY like it. Hope this week is going as well as it can. Hope this morning's prayer service went wonderfully. Enjoy yourselves!Peace, Abby

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