4:45am and a little bit of sacrifice.

As the sun was rising yesterday, so were we. Praise the Lord for being alive! Watching this beautiful sight was a great way to learn more about this summer’s theme: Choose life!

Feel free to visit Deuteronomy 30 to learn more about and hear it from Moses himself. After our early morning adventures, some napping and pancakes were greatly needed. After praying our rosary, we headed out for our day of service. Some of our group made their way to the St.Vinnie’s in Monroe to sort through donated clothing. The other half of the group paid a visit to the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary on the East Side of Madison to help with a variety of projects including painting bathrooms, cleaning and preparing outdoor furniture for painting, encountering scat of various kinds, garage domination, and weeding all over the place. These five spent an extra hour of service finishing the garage domination project and definitely had a lot to be proud of at the end of their day.

Many of vehicles took an almost overly scenic route to Mass after their service projects were finished. However, a slightly late arrival did not keep us from a definite highlight of the day – receiving Jesus into our bodies and having the classic opportunity to have Fr. Vernon encourage us to think and pray hard about our vocations. (Speaking of Fr. Vernon and vocations, let’s keep Greg Ihm and David Caranno in our prayers this week, as they will be ordain priests for the Madison Diocese this Friday. Come Holy Spirit!)

The above photo taken during the day would be an adequate way to describe how we were feeling when it came to eat pizza and veggies for dinner and share funny stories about the day. After a brief period of male and female bonding during a storm warning, we headed to the pool for a good amount of jocularity and playing with crazy pool toy. Our evening was capped off by a reminder of what it means to work as Madison’s own Missionaries of Charity and an opportunity to examine our consciences.

Today has been another great day, but you’ll have to wait for the update tomorrow. Keep up the prayers for all of us and those we are serving. We truly would love to continue bringing light and love to this world.

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