Welcoming the 2010 Core Team!

Over the past two days, the 2010 LBH Core Team had a chance to bond and get started on the planning. It’s going to be a life changing summer, no doubt. Come Holy Spirit!

Given we are 11 days away and counting until our first Mission Trip of the season, I figured it was about time to give a little introduction of this year’s CORE TEAM for the trips.

Lindsay Becher
That’s me. The most common voice of the LBH blog. I have many special abilities, which include always having a story to tell about my roommate Nicky (who gets to experience her first LBH trip this summer), predicting people’s temperments, and always picking the wrong lane to check out in at the grocery store. During the school year, my time is split between evangelizing the youth of the greater Baraboo area and daydreaming about my two favorite summertime activities – LBH and playing at my family’s cabin. This past year, I also took some time to travel about the US and experience new things, like kayaking in the Everglades, marching for life in DC, and running my first half marathon in Madison. I look forward to sharing these experiences and more with those beginning love here in the Madison area this summer!

Ned Lease
Having lived in the Madison Diocese most of his life, this Core Team member has a special love for all things requiring heaving lifting – or in the case of this picture, making sure heavy columns outside of the Bishop O’Connor Center are secure. Having wrestled in college, while attending the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, Ned continues to pursue this passion in the realm of High School Coaching. Outside of coaching and teaching tech ed classes during the school year, he spends time loving his family – especially his nieces. Speaking of his nieces, Ned’s dream way to die is by being mauled by a demonically possessed bear (who also dies in the altercation), while trying to save his nieces’ lives. Ned also has a special gift for catching rabbits with his bare hands. We will make sure to report all such occurrences during LBH right here on the Official Love Begins Here Blog.

Aaron Lofy
This new LBH Core Team Member hails from Hartford, WI, though he currently lives in Madison as he anticipates his final (5th) year at the UW. This past year has been a busy one for Aaron, as he has been trying to live life to the fullest, praying and asking for the intercessory help of St. Joseph (his personal fav), teaching catechism to HS students in Mount Horeb, and having fun. Typical summertime activites Aaron enjoys include water skiing, boating, bonfires, hanging out with family and friends, and sunsets. While taking in new vistas this summer, he is quite excited to get to know all of the young people on the Mission Trips and having the opportunity to serve alongside of them. He knows that serving in this way gives him a sense of joy and happiness, which comes from giving of oneself. Check back often to see how this giving of himself goes this summer.

Gina Pignotti
This tap dancer hails from Kenosha, WI, where she still returns often to visit her family, whom she is very close to. Not only does she tap dance, but other athletic persuits she engages in include climbing mountains, playing water polo (which she did at the UW), and dominating on the basketball court. This past year, in the midst of loving and teaching Middle School kids at St. James in Madison, her mad organization skills sure came in handy; however, no matter how organized she was, she never looked forward to correcting the piles of math homework left behind by her students. In her spare time, Gina spends time loving the Blessed Mother, enjoying snap peas and salmon, and getting excited for what the summer holds in the Love Begins Here world. Stay tuned to see what kind of fun Gina has while serving those in need in the Madison Diocese this summer.

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