Welcome Catholic Herald Readers!

(In case you didn’t have a chance to read the CH Article, go ahead and do so here.)

We’re glad that you have stopped by to check out the LBH Blog and the good things we have going on. Please stick around for a while and see what LBH has to offer. A few stops I would suggest…

– The previous post features the promo video for Summer 2010. Take a look and enjoy.
– Promotional Material posts. Take a tour of the good looking materials available to use and distribute, in order to get youth in your area excited about this summer.
– Last summer’s posts. They really give you more insight into the fun, challenge and faith present on the LBH Mission Trips.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be busy on here introducing this year’s Core Team, sharing more about the theme, and updating on how the preparations are going. Keep stopping back to visit, learn more about LBH and get excited for what’s to come this year.

The one item of business that has not been blogged about yet are this summer’s locations. They are…
Weeks 1 & 2 (HS): St. Mary’s, Pine Bluff
Week 3 (MS): St. Ann’s, Stoughton
Week 4 (HS): St. Andrew’s, Verona

In advance – thanks to the pastors and staff of these parishes for providing us with homes during these weeks. We look forward to working in your community and celebrating the sacraments with your Parish.

Prayer Request: For all of the youth who are signed up for LBH and those discerning, that they may be open to the movement and inspiration of the Holy Spirit in their lives, and for the grace to desire to give of their time to others on a Mission Trip this summer.
Thanks all!

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