New Year’s Resolutions

Hello LBH Participants, Supporters, Prayer Warriors…

It seems as if the Core Team from 2009 did not exactly hold up their resolution from the fall to continue blogging and entertaining you all via the World Wide Web. (I, as the team leader, will go ahead and assume a good deal of responsibility for this.) Things will be different this year. It’s a New Year’s Resolution, of sorts.

We pray that your Christmas’ have been blessed and that this New Year brings you many opportunities to serve Christ in the poorest of the poor within your own backyard. I have a feeling God will not stop this year with the gifts of those opportunities.

Other than weekly posts, I think we also may launch an interactive feature to the LBH world, in the form of weekly questions. They will run the gamut from silly to serious. Please participate as often as you would like. I have a feeling the questions will also make their way to our Facebook page, so feel free to participate there as well.

How about we kick this week’s off with a little reflection:
How has the experience of LBH changed your life during the past 6 months?

We look forward to hearing your answers!!


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