June LBH Highlights

First off, we have a few comments from the end of the week evaluations/reflections to share with you…

I didn’t think all of this would mean so much to me. I never would have thought that by the end of the week I’d be crying or care about the group/family as much as I do. My outlook on Church and the Mass reversed – I can’t wait to go.

I think now that love doesn’t only begin here in Madison, but it begins in the here that is in our hearts… and the only way to connect with that love is through God.

I understand now that you don’t have to go around the world searching for the poorest of the poor. You can serve God the way Mother Teresa did by helping people in your own community.

I understand now that Mother Teresa wasn’t just talking about needing money, food, and clothing, she was talking about being spiritually poor.

And a few photographs to share…

The results of the LBH Week One Competition are posted above. It’s pretty clear that this winning team was proud of their prizes and the big V. They hustled in the mornings and made us laugh long into the night. Way to go James, Matt, Hillary, Jessica and Gina!!

Lindsay was pooped on by a bird. This picture… and much laughter and help followed. Perhaps Gina or Jeff will jump on here soon to tell the story.

A definite highlight of Week Two was getting to explore the Glen of Durward’s Glen. Here is the gang before we got to our exploring.

During nightly check-ins, limited to 11 or so pretzels, Gina Pignotti used her sentence structuring skills to come up with this beauty. If anyone (who wasn’t present on Week Two) comments with the correct answer, there will be a prize in store for you.

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