Give me Your eyes.

This Tuesday has brought some pretty good times this far, and during this siesta, we figure that the youth (and us adults) are gearing up for much goodness to come.

During the afternoon yesterday, we finished up our work on a couple trails and began some new ones. As we have continued that work today, two groups are currently working towards each other to complete the trail that has both the highest elevation on this property, as well as some of the most beautiful views. We have been taking plenty of stops to smell the roses, as well as hydrate ourselves.

Wow, we’re really getting ahead of ourselves this morning. You may like to know that there were a few tired and sore bodies waking up here at Durward’s Glen this morning, but it’s definitely worth it, because it lets us know that we’ve been working hard. Mass was beautiful, as always, followed by an adventurous breakfast of cereal eating, and a reflection on Jesus’ command to see His face in those we interact with every day. Choruses of “give me your eyes for just one second” rang out throughout the rest of the day.

Later on, we are looking forward to continued games of sardines, a bit of a bonfire, and a cookout. But first, the gang is currently stirring and making their way out to the Mission Field to clean trails and do some exploring. We are looking forward to the last of our time here together this week and coming back to the “real world” renewed tomorrow.

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