We’ve made it to mid-week and the enthusiasm hasn’t waned in the slightest!  Many of us have actually started to settle in to the routine and are finding the days easier and easier as we go – both in work and in our relationships  with each other. 🙂 This morning at prayer we challenged ourselves in a reflection on how we are to see Christ in everyone, and so to serve Christ through everyone we meet; the rest of the day seemed to be the fruit of that mediation.

But before we get to the service and to the labor of the day, how can we forget the fun.  Our pool games are getting more complicated and surprisingly more fun.  Today we raced.  It began with my personal favorite: the butterfly… my favorite not because I’m particularly  good at it, but because the truth is actually the exact opposite of that case… it’s my worse… and it seems to be the worst for most people… which makes the racing quite the entertainment for both the swimmers and the spectators.

After Mass, we were back down to business.  Today we split up into two groups: one went to the laundromat, the other stayed at the house to paint and finish the flooring.  The four and a half hours leading up to dinner flew by, and by the time we knew it, almost an entire bedroom was cleaned and painted, most of the living room floor was in place, and the laundry crew did many, many, many loads.  (Ask any LBH participant what that means…)

It’s a good thing that Papa John’s on the East Side of Madison gave us a sweet deal on the pizza for dinner, because we were all grateful for the sustenance and time to chat with each other about the good times that had been had thus far.  Post-dinner was the daily rosary, asking for some Marian help in the work we were still going to be up to.  Leaving the house close to nine, one car made a quick stop at the grocery store, so we could celebrate John the Baptist’s birthday with locusts and wild honey… or, ice cream sundaes.

Collatio brought us deeper into knowledge of each other, the humor of the day, and God’s infinite mercy as the night revolved around preparing for Confession tomorrow.  As we wound down the night, the kids simultaneously wound up… perhaps to be expected?  After night prayer, there was much bonding to be had, minor theft of LBH mascots, and more jocularity.

All in all, we would have to say it was our best day yet.  Please keep the prayers coming as we finish the work on this family’s house.  We will be praying for all of you – our readers.  (We were glad to break into the 70’s on our daily number of visitors.  Keep spreading the word about our blog!!)

St. John the Baptist, pray for us!

Our inspiration.

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