I think I have a pretty good idea of what it means when someone says they have a “case of the Mondays” but what we experienced today may have helped shift that definition… for the better.  Despite a 7:30 am wake up call, we saw bright, shining faces racing out to St. Maria Goretti to make their way to the top in The LBH Competition.

This lovely threesome happens to currently make up 3/4 of the last place team at the moment, but a comeback is in the works for the coming days.  Anyways, onto Maria Goretti… we had the chance to reflect on solitude and why we need it. Long story (or reflection) short, Jesus did.  And, we try to follow Him.  Our role model Mother Teresa also gets down with prayer in the mornings. “Without prayer, I could not work for even half an hour, I get strength from God through prayer…”

Post prayer, we took our time to relax and play with eachother out at the Bishop O’Connor Center, home of the diocesan offices.  They have a lovely pool, which we took plenty of advantage of after a quick swim test.

Post swim-time, we fulfilled our Sacramental needs by stopping in at Daily Mass, which was followed by a picnic on the lawn in front of the aforementioned BOCC.  After all receiving all of that sustenance, we finally headed off to the destination that really sets the tone for the entire week and is what has brought us together.  On the East side of Madison, our crew of 30 showed up to our worksite.  Though a bit unsure of what we were exactly going to be doing, it was pure joy to find out and spend those hours in service.  Enjoy the following photographs of our crew cleaning, doing yard work, organizing, ripping out carpets, organizing dumpsters and more.

Not only were we hard at work, but we also had the chance to eat a meal and pray a rosary along with the family that we are serving and working alongside.

On our way back home, our cohort from St. Bernard’s in Madison welcomed us into their home and we shared about our days, prayed some more, and heard from Jeff on the subject of the dignity of the human person.  Ending our evening with a bit of parish time and night prayer, all of us at Love Begins Here are more than ready to call it a night.  (In fact, all but two of us have.)

Please keep up the prayers for us.  We look forward to our continued service tomorrow, which will include laying some new floors.  Check back Wednesday morning for much more.

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