It’s has been a hectic day with well over 90 degree weather and an intense day of work. Started out the day with our brand new spiffy state-of-the-art kiwi green tee-shirts that stuck out like a light on a pitch black night with the wolves howling and the wind blowing through the dark, tall trees. We took a group picture with these tee-shirts on, taking both a goofy picture and a normal picture. After we had our “family picture” we went and had some bagels. We had blueberry (my favorite) and many other varieties, donated Panera Bread, and much much more… To wash this down we had some chocolate milk as a treat. It was delicious.

Once we got our stuff ready and packed our lunches for the new day ahead with swimming and cleaning and putting in flooring. We got to the Bishop O’ Conner Center and put our swim suits on and hit the pool, well most of us. The pool included Sharks and Minnows, an intense game of 500 (a football game), and a amazing victory for me over Gina in a 50 yard sprint in the pool. As the chlorine got to us we got out and took showers (hopefully), so we would smell clean for the Daily Mass.

When the priest came out for Daily Mass he looked surprised as he sang the opening song, because there were all of a sudden 30 more people in the church all pumped up to sing and praise the Lord. Mass passed quickly and soon lunch was upon us. After lunch, we all piled up in the cars and headed over to the house to do some damage.
When we arrived at the house the kids were at Noah’s Ark for “A” day, so the house was empty. We hit the ground running and got working right away. It was an uproar with vacuums and hammers and the normal hubbub trying to compete with the noise. The basement crew worked and worked and worked and cleaned the entire basement so clean that you could eat off of it (well sorta…).  It was a big difference than the basement when we started. It was stuffed so full you couldn’t even walk in it.

The flooring in the front room was also competed with help from Tony. It was a big accomplishment today with all the jobs that were completed. Hopefully tomorrow the flooring will be complete and the painting can begin. 
We had a nice supper with the family afterwards of subs and chips which was pretty good with the cookies that came along with it. After supper followed a rosary, which was heart felt from every one of us. As the rosary passed, the dad got up and said some words of thanks that were really kind. We said our goodbyes for that day and headed over to St. Bernard’s where we gathered and waited for the flooring group to stay and finish the floor. We played games to help us keep entertained and for the most part it did work. They flooring group eventually came, and then we started our evening prayer and sang a nice song.

Clare and Gina eating dinner together.  I
t is always a joy to have this little one around.  She’s a fighter!!

We all packed up after it was done and went home to have our bedtime prayer and get ready for bed. The bathrooms were running full blast for a good 30 minute period but they finally relaxed and lights are now turning out. Well It’s time for me to finish my day and go to bed, so have a good night, and I’ll talk tomorrow. 

Matthew F.
Love Begins Here 11th Grader

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