Week One Begins!!

Today was a phenomenal first day of Love Begins Here, and we are so thankful to have these beautiful young people and their adult friends hanging out with us this week. Given it’s super late and the Core Team just finished their meeting, I will stick to posting a couple pictures today of the highlights. More to come tomorrow.

We are definitely loving the trampoline in the Schiedermayer backyard!

Gina and Jeff were rocking the post dinner clean-up with four eager high school helpers.

Dinner was thoroughly enjoyable.  We loved our all-natural  dinosaur chicken, as well as the homemade mac & cheese and veggies.

Phil and Matt won the most heated game of the night – bird on a perch.  Competition was tough, but they certainly persevered.  It brought a fair amount of joy to this winning duo.

We’re praying for those who are at home this week, especially all of our dad’s out there.  Please keep lifting up those prayers for us, as well.  Happy Father’s Day!


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