Hey all! Lindsay here, representing the LBH Core Team. We are thrilled that you have stopped by the Love Begins Here Blog. There will be many exciting things to watch for in the coming weeks of preparation, including the introduction of the Core Team this coming week – it will be posted by Tuesday evening. If you ever have any questions, leave us a comment to let us know, and we will do our best to answer you.

As we move closer to the summer, we will offer packing tips, answer common questions, and do whatever we can to get you excited – including announcing the finalized locations! During the summer, we will update our blog a couple times a week so your friends and family at home can keep up-to-date on what is happening out in the Mission Field!

For now, I’ll leave you with the words that are going to inspire our Mission this summer, from one of my personal heroes, Mother Teresa. Even though she spoke these words back in 1979, I feel like she is speaking to me personally still today.

And so here I am talking with you – I want you to find the poor here, right in your own home first. And begin love there. Be that good news to your own people. And find out about your next-door neighbor – do you know who they are?

Mother Teresa, 1979
Noble Peace Prize Acceptance Speech

Keep on enjoying this Easter season. May the joy of Christ fill your lives.

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